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Is the Republic still intact? Posts


Most of us—politicians in the middle of an election cycle and morning disc jockey personalities aside—have work to do. Work that serves our neighbors, feeds our families, and has the potential to make life more joyful for at least some of the people we encounter on a daily basis.

In the lead up to and aftermath of the 2020 American Presidential election, there is a seemingly endless temptation to refresh national news feeds instead of focusing on the quiet, meaningful work in whatever context we find ourselves.

Enter Your one stop shop for ensuring that the American Republic still stands so that you can return to your life, your loves, and your work instead of scrolling through endless updates.

About our Algorithm
A guy who thinks that many of the answers to modern questions are best rooted in ancient wisdom looks out the window and considers whether the American Republic is functioning well enough to be considered a solvent nation state. He then converts those musings into a one word answer to display to the world.

About our Answers
Depending on when you load the page, you might see a Yes, a No, or a Maybe. I believe these are fairly self-explanatory notions.

So what should you do if the answer is Yes, No, or Maybe?

If the answer is YES, see the list of action items below.

1. Pray for our common good and for your enemies if you are the sort of person who prays. Not a prayer? Maybe start praying now? You will find it both easier and harder than you think.

2. Love your family, look out for your neighbor, and enjoy that which ought to be enjoyed.

If the answer is MAYBE, see above.

If the answer is NO, see above.

Why don’t you update more frequently?
See question #1.

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